Areas of activities

We procure scrap and waste metals from natural persons and legal entities. The purchased scrap metals are cut, pressed, sorted and then sold. We also perform the services of dismantling and cutting of different industrial objects, structures and equipment on the customer’s territory. We provide containers for accumulated scrap metals, remove them by using our own transport and recycle them. Our many years of experience provide us with the possibility to perform the work in due time and in observance of all the applicable safety requirements. Our qualified specialists utilize ships that are no longer in use or are written off, and also have experience in dismantling ships. We also dismantle and utilize vehicles, no longer suitable for operation, at our principal base in Klaipėda. The purchased and prepared scrap metals are forwarded for recycling to the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Germany, as well as to Asian ports.


veiklos-kryptys-imgAt present the principal areas of APK UAB are the following:

  • Procurement of non-ferrous scrap and waste metals
  • Procurement of ferrous scrap and waste metals
  • Collection and recycling of secondary materials
  • Dismantling metallic structures and cutting of ships
  • Storing and reloading of scrap metals
  • Utilization and recycling of vehicles
  • Recycling of wires and cables
  • Trading of scrap metals – export, import, wholesale
  • Providing customers with containers for collecting scrap metals
  • Removing scrap metals and waste by the company’s transport
  • Rent of storage and production areas and offices.


The company provides cargo reloading services by using different types of vehicles. The company has especially favourable conditions for the reloading of railroad and road vehicle cargos. The company has the possibility to accept railroad cargos, reload them into vehicles or to maritime containers. We have electronic weighing devices, able to weigh cargos up to 60 tons.


APK UAB purchases scrapped, no longer used vehicles from residents and organizations (natural persons and legal entities) in order to utilize them. The company issues references, necessary for deregistration of vehicles from the Vehicles’ Register Regitra. If necessary, we remove the vehicles ourselves.